My style: a combo of Swiss/International & minimalist flat, my favorite font is anything sans serif. Sometimes asymmetrical, sometimes symmetrical. It's taken me some time to figure that out.


I love visual imagery. I love visuals that feel classic, yet modern and contemporary. 

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Life update: If you're familiar with my previous brand then you'll notice that some things have changed. If you're new to me and you've gone through my social media, you'll find things a bit... "sparse". Well, I'm in the middle of an entire brand revamp. In the design space, I have been in a deep seek of how I truly want to show up in the world. 

But trust and believe, you're in the hands of a professional with a proven track record of success - check my portfolio.

Brands I've worked with

Who is Tyunika 'Ty' Young?

Here are my credentials: 10+ years business professional (degreed), graphic design (self-taught & degreed), and self-publishing consulting (certified). 

From my love of writing and desire to be a published author, I accidentally stumbled into helping others publish their projects after the release of my first fiction title.

In between time, I had a short-lived magazine True Living Magazine, where I had the opportunity to interview Tina Campbell of MaryMary, Kierra Sheard-Kelly, Todd Dulaney, Richard Smallwood, and a host of other business professionals and celebrities.

Also most recently, I had the phenomenal chance to work behind the scenes with the TMRWLIVE and TMRWLIVE 2021 Experience with keynote speakers, Kris Jenner & Sarah Jakes-Roberts.

I love to research graphic design! So when I am commissioned by a new client, I get to know you and find out what you really like. I research design styles that will aesthetically represent you and your project.

The perfect client for me is someone who is open-minded to my visual interpretation of their ideas. Brands who are just as invested in conceptualizing their visions, just as much as I am. 

Whom I want to work with: clients who want to produce talk shows or need video editing. Clients who want to show up on billboards. Clients who need a full branding experience. 

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