Book cover design for e-guide with mockup.


E-guide design up to 10 pages. ($15 for each additional 5 pages - up to 30 pages).


E-guide will download as an e-book and not only a pdf file.


Imported to website for downloading by customers.

  • Download as a complimentary item for subscribing to your website
  • Or make available as a download after making a purchase.


E-guide presentation video (mp4) up to 30 secs. Formatted for social media.


3 social media presentation cards

  • 2 post images 1 stories image

E-Guide Creative Services

Page Count
  • Stock images will be used to create aesthetic complementary to client's brand. 

    Client may provide their own images, however, images must be of high resolution and subject to rejection by designer. High-res images are important and make the difference between a product looking professional and of higher-end quality. 

    Client must have their e-guide outlined and verbiage created prior to the start of work. Designer will not be consulting client on the copy of their e-guide, only the design work. 

    Designer will not be providing any editing services for e-guide content. 

    All designs will be original and protected under copyright laws.

    Client will have 48 hours after intial payment to request full refund should they decide they do not want to continue the project. Refund will be given within 14 business days.   After the 48 hours refundable period no refunds will be granted - NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Should designer cancel project and/or is unable to complete project at any time client will be given a full refund within 7 business days.

    Client will need to provide designer with username and password to website hosting plan and other neccessary accounts in order to properly import and upload files for proper downloading. 

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