E-Mentor Manual & E-Course


What you’ll learn:

  • Preparing your manuscript.

    • Setting up your manuscript is more than just indenting paragraphs. What editors don’t tell you about working with ill-formatted author rough drafts. You’ll learn how to format a proper rough draft.


  • What is self-editing?

    • Learn how to remove yourself as the writer of the manuscript and transform into the reader of your manuscript. Tips on helping yourself see issues and flaws in your manuscript. Introduction to the industry tools that the pros use to help with editing.


  • Difference between developing your manuscript vs. publishing your manuscript.

    • Are you interested in publishing a great body of work or only want to say you’re a published author? A well-developed manuscript is the difference. Learn to develop your manuscript properly well before you submit for professional editing.


  • Learn to set up a manuscript and book cover design.

    • Learn the most important part of setting up your manuscript - typesetting, aka "formatting". Also easy to follow tips on completing your book cover.


  • Understanding the art of showing vs. telling.

    • When you only tell, tell, tell it makes for a boring read. Make the readers feel like they’re a part of the story. Learn the art of descriptive writing.


  • Discover your self-publishing platforms and how to use them.

    • We'll help you take the guesswork out of which platform to use to self-publish your manuscript.

And so much more, including purchasing of your ISBN, marketing analysis, and presenting your manuscript to the public!