Family LEGACY is Important!!!

Young Dreams Publications is not just about helping authors publish books, but we're about building a legacy


The founder of YDP, Ty Young (Waller), came from a very large family. Let's say her immediate family, including aunts and uncles and cousins, is approximately over 50 individuals. However, she did not come from a family background of writers, but she did come from a background of entrepreneurs. Her grandfather was a plumber who started his own business, and her grandmother had a host of successful entrepreneurial ventures. Many of her aunts and uncles went on to start businesses as well. 


YDP is a family name that Ty hopes to bring her family's spirit to all the clients in the portfolio. She is also following in her family's legacy of becoming an entrepreneur - and has been doing so since 2011! Her mindset is that you could be the next famous writer! And what joy that would bring to her to help you add that legacy to your family's lineage. 


It will be our pleasure to build your legacy through publishing! 

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